Because of the global Corona pandemic which struck nations worldwide, TICOMS plans for Tomorrow became TICOMs actions for Today.


TICOMs CEO and executives were among the first to see the gravity and magnitude of deaths and socio-economic devastation the virus would cause. Reacting to this threat, TICOM immediately launched an action plan aiming to provide Norway and other affected countries with the most needed protective and testing equipment.


This is is still a work in progress. But through TICOMs unique network of contacts amongst business leaders and decision makers in Asia and the Nordic countries, concrete results have been achieved. Face masks machines have been acquired and built, meaning that TICOM now begins manufacturing their own face masks on a massive scale. 


TICOM is a Norwegian company based in Oslo. TICOMs expertise ranges from hardware development, radio technology, clockwork, security programs, crisis management and PR and Media. It is built on a small network of highly skilled and experienced professionals with a unique know-how in their respective fields.